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With the help of projects we develop services, training, consultation, evaluation models etc. We strive to utilize and evaluate previous projects to mainsteam and disseminate best practices which have been occured during these projects. Projects has been carring out by our staff or other members of our network. Below some of our projects:


MätaJämt - Create Growth & Productivity in Technical & Educational Environments with Gender Equality & Diversity 2010-2013

  • area of operation: develop organisational structures of work organisation, develop management structure, management training and coaching, research, developing webtool for product developers
  • partners: Luleå Technical University (Centre for Distance-spanning technology, Gender and Innovation), University of Lapland (Women's studies), Univerisity of Oulu (Center for Internet Excellence, Women's and Gender studies), City of Oulu (Ritaharju Community Centre and School), Artic group, Adagio, MCompetence
  • workforce: 6 persons (2+1/FIN, 3/SWE) and part-timers
  • funding: EU / Interreg IV Nord, Council of Lapland, Luleå Technical University, Univerisity of Oulu, City of Oulu
  • administration: Luleå Technical University/Centre for Distance-spanning technology; FI: Univerisity of Oulu/Center for Internet Excellence

In Finland there were two pilots: one in educational environment and the other in technology.

Pilot education included new operational and management model for Ritaharju Community Centre and School. Results:

  • publication: Ritaharjun monitoimitalon yhteistoimintasuunnitelma 2013-2015 >> -strategy for guiding operations for years 2013 - 2015
  • new, collaborative multi-professional operational model
  • new management model
  • annual action plans for multi-professional teams
  • 25 new managers, who were management and leadership trained
  • 11 development days for management team
  • 210 hours of coaching and consultation for managers
  • 60 workshops for teams
  • 10 workshops for whole working community
  • 4 surveys for whole working community; 5 surveys for teams; group interviews
  • 2 interviews for management team
  • Gender Equality & Diversity strategy
  • Conflict solving model
  • training materials
  • tool box for Ritaharju Community Centre and School

Pilot technology was involved in developing Living Lab - OulLabs structure, services and tools. Also training and consultation for production developers for different companies was carried out. Development work also included a emotional survey tool for early education in cooperation with Allies -project. Also following products were produced:

Additionally in cooperation with Lulea Technical University following publication was produced:


UNICAFÉ - Survey of the University Career of Female Scientist at Life Sciences versus Technical Universities 2006-2009

  • partnership:
    • Hungarian Science and Technology Foundation (coordination),
    • Budapest University of Technology and Economics (Hungary),
    • Graz Medical University ( Austria),
    • Semmelweis University (Hungary),
    • Istanbul Technical University ( Turkey),
    • University of Oulu / Women's Studies, Faculty of Technology and Medical Sciences,
    • Tallinn University of Technology (Estonia),
    • University of Tor Vergata (Italy)
  • funding: EU / Science and Society -programme
  • SINNI is making an analysis of the data & disseminating findings
  • homepages:


Apropos - Multisectoral and Multidisciplinary Specialization Programme and Network for Violence Prevention 2007-2008

  • partnership:
    • University of Oulu / Women's Studies (coordination)
    • University of Oulu / Centre for Arctic Medicine in Thule Institute,
    • London Metropolitan University / Child and Woman Abuse Studies Unit (United Kingdom),
    • Luleå University of Technology / Department of Education (Sweden),
    • Mediterranean Institute of Gender Studies (Cyprus),
    • Northern Finland Centre of Excellence for Social Welfare and School of Health and Social Care,
    • Oulu Mother and Child Home and Shelter,
    • Center for Post-trauma Therapy (Oulu, Finland),
    • Oulu University Hospital / Clinic of Psychiatry,
    • Therapeutische Frauenberatung e.V. (Göttingen, Germany),
    • University of Oulu / Department of Educational Sciences and Teacher Education,
    • Westbothnia Hospital District / Psychiatry (Finland)
  • funding: EU / Daphne II -programme
  • SINNI's responsible area is dissemination
  • homepages:


European Women between Tradition and Transition – Intercultural Exchange of Female Life Concepts 2007-2009

  • partnership:
    • Women's Academy (Ulm, Germany, coordination),
    • Yavuzeli Adult Education Centre (Yavuzeli, Turkey),
    • Maram Muhittin Parent's Association (Meram-Konya, Turkey),
    • Women for Women Association (Targu Mures, Romania),
    • Centre for Adult Education (Madrid, Spain),
    • Information Centre on Women's Rights (Marseille, France),
    • IMCS Intercollege (Nicosia, Cypros),
    • Belfast Institute of Further and Higher Education (Belfast, Irland)
  • funding: EU / Grundvig -programme
  • SINNI has participated in training and dissemination


GED management 2007-2008

The project concentrated on promoting internationalisation, gender equality and diversity (GED) in management and practices of the organisations.

The project was administered by Oulu University´s Learning and Research Services in cooperation with SINNI and funded by City of Oulu, Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment and the European Social Fund´s Western Finland Objective 3-Programme. Project employed 2 persons fultime and few part-time.


SINNI Mover 2007

During the SINNI Mover project we developed training material in the fields of gender-aware regional development, desegregation of work-life, women entrepreneurship and gender-aware development of work-life. In the flow of the project we also mapped out research results and statistical facts needed for a gender-aware regional development strategy. Additionally, we developed the results of preceding projects into versatile products.

The project was coordinated by the Women´s Studies Unit of Oulu University in cooperation with SINNI and was funded by City of Oulu, Council of Oulu Region and the European Social Fund´s Western Finland Objective 2-Programme. Project employed 3 persons.


SINNI women´s business 2006-2008

The aim of the SINNI women´s business-project was the promotion of female entrepreneurship with the help of female-specific training models and other activities. The project´s objective were encouraging women towards entrepreneurship in typically male professions and increasing female entrepreneurship in the Oulu region. In addition, the project strained to find solutions in order to reconcile women´s careers with their free-time and family life and to network between other entrepreneurs and different organisations.

The SINNI women´s business-project was coordinated by the Oulu Regional Business Agency and SINNI resource centre for Women and Girls. It was financed by City of Oulu, the Employment and Economic Development Centre´s labour force unit and the European Social Fund. Project employed 2 persons and some part-timers.


SINNI startti -project 2005-2007

SINNI startti -project was the very first project named after "SINNI". Main aim of the project was to develop and excecute a model of a resource and empowerment centre for women and girls.

At first the model included three main themes of action: regional development, equal opportunities and women's entrepreneurship. During the project development actions like training modules, project planning and co-operation with other activist/actor groups were established. Also during the project more themes came along: labour market issues (like women's employment, gender segregation), multiculturalism and networking.

Project achievements:

  • praised model of women's and girl's resource and empowerment centre
  • innovative and effective training modules
  • active networking of women's organisations
  • cooperated happenings
  • new forums for strategic work in regional development issues
  • SINNI resource and empowerment centre Inc. - a brand new and innovative form of networking among women's organisations
  • a house for women
  • new and innovative networking and cooperation models between public, private and third sector (NGO's)

The project employed 5 persons. Project was coordinated by the Women´s Studies Unit of Oulu University and is funded by City of Oulu, Council of OUlu Region and the European Social Fund´s Western Finland Objective 2-Programme.


WomenIT - Women in Industry and Technology development, training and research project 2001-2005

  • area of operation: dismantle gender related segregation in labour markets, focus on women/girls and technology
  • workforce: 15 persons
  • funding: EU / ESF / Equal -programme
  • administration: Oulu university, Kajaani university consortium, Adult education and Regional development
  • web:


Segregaation purku työmarkkinoilla [Dismantle gender related segregation of labour markets] research and networkig project 2002-04

  • area of operation: research and establish and develop actions for a national network of experts and partners
  • workforce: 4 persons
  • funding: EU / ESF / Equal -programme
  • administration: Oulu university, Kajaani university consortium, Adult education and Regional development
  • web:


NCRB - Network for Crises Centres for Women in Barents Region 1998-2005

  • area of operation: establishing women's crises centres, training, exchange, research
  • workforce: 6 persons (2 in Finland, 3 in Russia, 1 in Norway)
  • funding: European Union / Interreg -programme, Barents Secretariat, CIMO - Centre for International Mobility, Nordic Council of Ministries
  • administration: Oulu university, Dept. of Behavioural Sciences
  • web:


Pohjalaiset naiset - maaseudun naisten yrittäjyysohjelman pilotointi (Entrepreneuship pilot progamme for Rural women) 2004-2005

  • area of operation: develop entrepise possibilities of women in remote rural areas, regional development from equal opportunities point of view
  • workforce: 1 person
  • funding: EU / Alma -programme
  • administration: Rural Women's Advisory Organisation