SINNI resource centre for women and girls

It was the year 2004, when women's organisations, activists, researchers, policy makers and gender aware -projects in Oulu region started a new kind of co-operation. The aim was to set up a regional women's house, which later got its name SINNI - regional resource centre for women and girls.

(SINNI is a traditional woman's first name and means persistent, not giving up)

In the late 2005 the network got finance for three projects out of four (SINNI Start and SINNI women's business and later Girl's House) and thus planning the model and activities of SINNI centre was able to start. Later also project number four Monika - resource centre for multicultural women and expatriots got funding.

In January 2007 SINNI Centre moved into the beautiful old house called Hermola in City of Oulu. Finally the dream of a "room of one's own", women´s own house came true. An idea and wish which was discusssed in many women's groups and organisaations since 1980's was reality - finally!


A month later (5th of Feb, 2007) four women´s organisations founded the SINNI Centre Inc. The brand new and innovative form of networking among women's organisations was born. The founding members were

  • Oulun Naisunioni - The Feminists Union in Oulu
  • The Oulu area Association of Women Entrepreneurs
  • Saran naiset - The Female Researchers of Oulu
  • Finnish Women´s League, Oulu branch

The elected chairperson of the board is Taina Pitkänen-Koli (right), Leena Teräs was apppointed as a director.



SINNI Centre Inc. is a brand new way of cooperation for women's NGOs. It functions on the basic idea of an incorporated company of joint benefits. Its activities pursue long-term, gender-aware regional development.

SINNI´s activities are built on the cooperation between female activists, researchers, administrators, NGOs and separately funded projects, through which SINNI is being improved and developed (see projects >>).>


SINNI Centre Inc.
P.O.Box 5, 90500 Oulu - FINLAND
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